How To Stop Your Make-up From Melting Off

You are not going to stop wearing make-up just because it’s a little warm outside. Of course, you will have to take a few extra precautions to make sure your look stays flawless throughout the day instead of melting off at the first sign of sweat. The ‘melted candle look’ is never going to be in! And trust me, looking flawless during the summer can be done!

1. Make-up setting spray is a thing

We live in the future and wonderful women before us already got tired of this melting issue. Which is why we can enjoy make-up setting spray today. Spritz before and after your make up routine to minimize the chance of the heat ruining your fierce look.


2. Use powder-based eye shadow

Cream shadows will melt easier, especially if you have oily lids. Remember to dab primer on your lids before applying your make up to avoid that horrible crease made of caked-make-up.

3. Use face primer after your make up

After you are done with your look, dab a bit of face primer on your forehead and nose to stop your face from looking “shiny” throughout the day.

4. Get your wax on

If you use eyebrow pencils, get some with wax in them. This is because they will hold better their texture and color throughout the day and they won’t just rub off like other pencils.

5. Use the right pattern

A lot of beauty bloggers swear off liquid foundation the second the temperature rises up a bit. But there’s no need to completely avoid it, you just need to know how to apply it, Use light strokes in a criss-cross pattern to minimize streak marks when you sweat. After you are don, lightly dab powder foundation on top of the liquid one to set it. Use light pats, don’t drag the brush.

6. Keep oil blotting sheets in your purse at all times

When your skin starts to get shiny later in the day, gently dab your face with oil blotting sheets to get rid of the excess oil and keep your face looking flawless until you get home.

7. Trade the eye-shadow for eyeliner

Adapt your summer looks to lighter, fresher alternatives. Forget eye-shadow on hot days, it will rub off and give you beautiful raccoon eyes. Go for a bold winged liner instead. Use waterproof, 24-hour eyeliner to avoid the smudging that comes with regular pencils. And add waterproof mascara. Make sure it can stand the sweat.

8. Set your lipstick with translucent powder

Gently dab or blot translucent powder on top of your regular lipstick. This will give you a matte appearance and make the lipstick last longer, without smudging.

9. Go for heavy pigments

During summer, less is more. As in, you want to carry around the least amount of product on your face. This means that you are better off using very pigmented products, as you will have to use less quantity and you will feel lighter. Just remember to really work on your blending.

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