DIY Bling To Shine Like The Sun

Feeling like upgrading your jewelry game but don’t want to spend too much money? Make your own bling! Explore your creativity and get some awesome accessories that will make you shine.

Five-minute necklace

This is probably the easiest DIY you will ever make. All you need is an old chain necklace that you want to spice up, gold and silver work best, and nail polish. Use two or three colors to paint a portion of the chain in a pattern that you like. Let it dry. That’s it. This is a project that you can complete while you are deciding what to watch on Netflix, it’s that fast. Just be careful not to smudge the polish while it dries.


Turn your old tees into bracelets

All you need is old t-shirts that you don’t mind completely destroying and some colorful electrical tape. And god, sharp scissors. Cut all the seams off the shirt and then cut long strips out of the fabric. Make sure they are around one inch wide. Grab both of the extremes of each strip and pull until the fabric rolls on itself. Separate the strips into groups and just braid away. You can experiment with traditional braids or fishtail, depends on the texture that you prefer. After you are done, use the electrical tape in a complementary color to tape the extremes of your braid and bring them together to make a necklace or bracelet. That’s it, it’s the perfect accessory for a music festival outdoors.

From twig to bracelet

Summer brings out the nature lover in all of us, so why not use that to your advantage? Go outside and find some thin and fresh twigs. Make sure they are pliable and long enough to bend them around your arm. Now, bend them to form a bracelet big enough to slide your hand inside. Use a hot glue gun to secure the bracelet and get rid of stray splinters or growths. Use a sharp scissor to cut the excess so you end up with a single (almost) perfect circle. Now you can spray-paint it with some gold or silver paint for the finishing touches. You will have a new nature-chic accessory that took you no time or effort to make. You can use the same process on a smaller scale to make matching rings and complete the look.

Your ears need love too

Find some inexpensive hoop earrings that are a good size for you and find embroidery thread in colors you like. Now, with patience, wrap the thread around the earring until it’s completely covered. You can use multiple colors to create patterns if you really want to make your ears pop. Once you are done, secure with craft glue and let it dry completely. Enjoy your new sumemr colorful look.

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