5 Beauty Apps To Guiltlessly Edit Photos On Your Phone

Instagram is old news. Filters are nice, but there’s much more than that when it comes to editing photos. And for those moments when you need to post a perfect pic online but are away from your computer, you can rely on these beauty apps to edit photos on your phone. Do this shamelessly, guilt-free, and enjoy being plastic! I mean come on, it’s fantastic!


VSCO (Android and iOS)

This free app features an almost endless selection of filters and special effects that you can mix and match to reach just the right mood for your pic. Every effect has a slider so you can control its strength and the correcting tools are easy to use and precise. If you are not satisfied with the selection, you can buy more filter and effect packs from the app itself. One of the best things about this app is its connectivity. Once you are done editing, you can directly publish your images on Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram and other social media. It even has its own photo publishing platform.

Snapseed Mobile (Android and iOS)

This is the app for the fashionista on the go. For those moments when you took the perfect selfie and want to publish it quickly, this free app has you covered. It features “autocorrect” and “one touch enhancement” to make your photos look instantly great with just one finger. Of course, if you are so inclined, you also have access to more advanced tools to tweak the picture to perfection. You can even apply a tool or an effect to one area of the picture while leaving the rest untouched.

Adobe Photoshop Express (Android and iOS)

When it comes to editing pictures, Adobe Photoshop is still king. This is the free mobile version of the popular software, with all the basic tools you expect on an editing app and then some. You can correct red eyes and balance color with a touch, correct exposure, brighten shadows and even apply filters. Once you get comfortable with the free tools, you can get more advanced ones through in-app purchases. A noteworthy feature of this app is that it lets you share the picture on social media, through messaging apps or upload it to your favorite cloud storage service.

FaceTune (Android and iOS)

This is the selfie app. Instead of offering a wide array of filters and tools, this app focuses its resources on making your selfies and portraits look as perfect as they can be. For $2.99 you will get access to touch-up tools specifically designed to enhance faces. You can whiten teeth, correct red eyes, erase gray hairs, remove pimples and adjust the lighting and focus for perfect pictures every time.

PicsArt (Android and iOS)

The beauty of this free app is that it comes with its own social network to share your best pics and find like-minded people. You will get all the typical photo manipulation tools and special effect filters, but you will also get access to fun add-ons. For example, you can add stickers and captions to your pictures, draw on them and apply other extras, as well as using the in-app camera to take pics with the effects already added in.

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