Get The Perfect Ponytail With These 4 Easy Tricks

Ponytails are the best. They are an easy way to keep your hair out of your face, they work great for summer days, they are perfect for bad hair days and they take no effort. However, even something as simple as a ponytail can end up looking underwhelming. Or boring. Here’s how to get the perfect ponytail for the occasion.

1. Stack two ponytails for a fuller, longer look.

You heard me. The magical double ponytail will give the illusion of thicker, fuller and longer hair, and all you need is two hair ties. Just divide your hair in two, get the top half out of the way and tie the bottom half up in a low ponytail. Now tie the top half in another ponytail, in a way that it covers the other hair tie. You can tease or texturize your hair for better results. This trick works great for curly hair and it will give the illusion of a longer mane.


2. Prop up your ponytail for better height

All you need is a butterfly hair clip. Tie your hair up in a ponytail and separate a portion from the top. Place a tinny butterfly clip as close to the elastic as possible and let the top portion fall on it to conceal it. This works best if you tease the hair a little bit. The result is a taller, fuller and bouncier ponytail that looks natural as well. Another way to prop up your hair is to use two or three bobby pins. After tying your hair up, slide the bobby pins down, straight through the elastic on the bottom. The ponytail will hold up and keep its height better throughout the day.

3. Get the perfect wrapped look

If you want to get a flawless look for your wrapped ponytail the secret is a curling iron. After tying your hair up, use a curling iron for that little strand before wrapping it around the elastic. If you don’t have a bobby pin handy, you can also get the wrap around ponytail on the go. Once you tie your hair up, separate a strand and wrap it around the elastic. Now, pull a portion of the elastic at the base to create a gap and slide the hair there. Pull it tighter and enjoy your wrapped around look. This method will last even longer than a bobby pin and you won’t run the risk of the pin falling out or poking you in the head.

4. Use the power of braids

If you have layered or short hair, chances are tiny strands of hair keep falling out the sides or the bottom of your ponytail. No problem, you can avoid this with braids. If you have layered hair (or are growing out your bangs), braid the sides of your hair and tie them back into your ponytail. If you have short hair, double braid the back for a cute look that will keep your hair up where it belongs.

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