Get Kylie Jenner’s Hair At Home With Professional Results

Gorgeous at 17! The youngest of the Kardashian clan is becoming a celebrity in her own way. The key ingredient in her rising success is that anyone can relate to her. Kylie could be the girl next door and her very stylish not so pretentious locks could be easily imitated at home. No, we’re not kidding, you can totally do this at home!

Getting Started
Trim your hair: the perfect hair coloring will only be reached by allowing your precious hair to recover from previous bleaching. So chop chop the ends and get ready to pick a hairstyle that suits your face shape and facial features. Although a DIY hair-dying venture surely involves working on your own most of the time, you might need an extra pair of hands to reach where you cannot, guaranteeing a better outcome for your hair style. Color wise, the two main things to take into account are not only the color chosen but also which product brand you will trust. You can take your pick from a wide range of alternatives such as Wella, Majirel, L’Oreal, Lush, Garnier and Manic Panic which carries a vast array of colors that go from neon to pastel, to super bright, to tame and sultry.

Down With The Bleaching
This is an easier step for natural blondes. Most stylists suggest you resort to a purple shampoo which will eliminate any orange‐range hair residue in your hair which might alter the color you are after. Now, if you’re a dark‐haired beauty, you will need some extra help from a mix of powder bleach and cream developer. The powder bleach has a color stripping power while the cream developer will enhance the power bleach qualities to get rid of your original hair color. Cream developer options vary from 10 to 40 volumes, with 10 being the slowest lifter to 40 being the fastest and therefore the most abrasive one. If your hair is thin then 20 is highly recommended. If your hair is too dark and thick, you should begin with a 30 volume developer.


Stay Alert!
This is the most challenging step in the process which blondes have it easy again. Bleaching will test your limits and you may have to do it more than once if your hair is dark. Mix equal parts of 30 volume developer with bleaching powder, until you lighten your hair to a really light blonde shade in about 40 to 50 minutes. After this, the hair will break, so stay alert and keep checking up on the mirror until you’ve reached the desired shade of blonde in order to dye it green afterwards. Apply the mix on your ends and middle parts. Put on a TV show episode that lasts 20 minutes, and set up an alarm to check the process every 15 minutes.

D‐Day Has Arrived!
It seemed like ages but having to put up with bleach fumes has finally arrived to an end and the dying process is over. Now you need to apply the teal ombre or neon green, turquoise green or fantasy hue of your liking to your freshly bleached hair. We recommend Enchanted Forest by Manic Panic (8 dollars) for closer results, but any teal hue will do the work. So go green. Actually, go Kylie Jenner green!

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