Instantly Look More Charismatic With These Few Tips

If you are worried about that presentation at work, defending your thesis or nailing a job interview, then this will help you out. When it comes to charisma and confidence, the old adage “fake it till you make it” holds true, but how exactly do you fake charisma? It’s easier than you think, just keep these things in mind.

Smile – This is a common suggestion for a reason. Smiling will make you look approachable and friendly and it will give more warmth to your voice. Even better, smiling will actually release chemicals in your brain to make you feel happier and more confident. You don’t have to be smiling maniacally without blinking all the time, of course, your smile should be natural. If you are not a naturally “smiley” person, try to smile every time you greet someone or answer a question.


Keep a consistent tone – If you are going to be speaking in front of an audience, in a meeting or an interview, try to keep a consistent tone of voice. This doesn’t mean monotonous, just try to avoid “umms”, “errs” and unnecessary pauses. Don’t have large changes of pitch in the middle of your speech either. A consistent tone will make you look more confident in your words, people will pay attention and perceive you as having strong ideas. Practice in front of a mirror before your big event so it’s easier for you to control the tone of your voice.

Show empathy and respect – Being polite will make people see you more positively and it will be easier for them to agree with you. Avoid putting others on a pedestal or knocking them down. Treat everyone as equal to you and it will be easier for others to relate to you. You will be seen as confident yet humble, and people will respect you as an equal as well. Finally, showing empathy lets people know that you relate to them. This doesn’t mean that you should feel sorry for people, only that you should reinforce their feelings as valid and try to understand the position they are in.

Pay attention to your audience – Charismatic people can read their audience and change their behavior to suit them without even realizing it. Until you learn to do it subconsciously, you will have to make a conscious effort. Pay attention to other’s behavior, language, conversation and gestures. Try to change your own demeanor to better fit the environment you are in. This isn’t about faking a new personality, but simply about adapting your own.

Maintain an open posture – Don’t stand with your hip or shoulders tilted, don’t slouch and avoid crossing your arms or legs. Turn towards people when they are talking and try to keep your shoulders back and look up instead of at the floor (your feet are not that interesting). An open posture will make you more approachable and keeping your body straight shows confidence and control, which will build charisma.

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