Five Easy Tricks To Look Instantly Fashionable

You want to look like you came out of a fashion editorial spread, but don’t have the time or the resources to keep a team of stylists making you look flawless every second of the day. Don’t worry, most of us are in the same boat. Luckily, all those people working in fashion magazines came up with a bunch of tricks to make models look fantastic that require virtually no effort at all. And you are about to find out what they are.

1. Roll up your shirt sleeves

Go to your closet and throw away all your short sleeved shirts. Just do it. If it has a collar, it needs to have long sleeves. Of course, this doesn’t mean your poor arms have to endure the summer heat all covered up. Simply roll your sleeves up. But don’t just do it willy-nilly, there’s a proper way. Fold the sleeve in half and then roll the fold up the arm until it’s just below the cuff, that should be sticking out. You will look more polished and chic than by sloppingly rolling up the whole sleeve.

2. Push up your blazer or jacket sleeves

It is extremely flattering to push up the sleeves of your blazer. It is extremely un-flattering to be fiddling with them all day because they keep coming down. The solution? A couple of humble hair ties. Place a hair tie (or rubber band) around your elbow over the sleeve. Push up and gather the sleeve so it falls over the tie, hiding it in a natural way.


3. Roll up your jean cuffs

Fashion is all about tucking and rolling. Next time you pair up your favorite pumps or stilettos with a pair of jeans, roll up the cuffs. It will make the jeans look more tailored (especially if you are wearing “boyfriend jeans” or looser cuts) and draw attention to your pretty shoes. Fold the cuff up a couple of inches and then fold again to leave only a little bit of the hemline visible to get that “flawlessly flawed” look.

4. Only tuck the front of your shirt

If you want to show off your belt or jeans without looking to “stuck up” or prim, do a “mullet-tuck”. Simply tuck in the front half of your shirt, leaving the back half out. This look works best with jeans and collared, long-sleeve shirts. You will get an informal look that will flatter your figure and won’t make you look sloppy.

5. Tuck half of your shirt

Another improvement to the regular tuck. Simply tuck in the side of your shirt that is under the button panel. This style will flatter your figure, as it shows off your waist and gives a little shape to a slightly baggier shirt. At the same time, you will avoid looking to stiff for an informal occasion.

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