Easy Hacks To Make Your Thin Hair Look Thick

We all want that luscious, thick mane of shampoo commercial hair that the media tells us is the ultimate symbol of femininity. However, some of us are more genetically challenged and no matter what we do, our hair will remain thin. Don’t worry, though, you can still make it look thick, and nobody will even notice.

Learn how to care for your thin hair

A lot of the beauty tricks making the rounds on the Internet work great… for thick hair. Thin hair has different needs and you need to cater for them. For example, silicone and oil coatings (such as the magic coconut oil) will do nothing but weigh your hair down, reduce volume and make it look even thinner. Steer clear. You should look for sulfate-free shampoo, which will be gentler in your hair and prevent breakage, as well as be mindful of how bleach and color can damage your locks. In the same vein, be careful about heat drying or styling your thin hair. Avoid it if possible and if not, invest in a good, light protective coating. Furthermore, over-stretching your hair with irons or brushes can reduce its natural bounciness and change its texture, making it look thin.


Find a hairstyle that works for you

Super-long hair can look nice if properly cared for, but this is very difficult with thin hair. Damaged ends and brittle texture will make you lose hair, which will make your mane thinner. Besides, the weight of the long strands pulls them down, taking away from your volume. You should also figure out and embrace the natural texture of your hair. If you have thin, curly or wavy hair, work those curves! Give it more volume instead of straighten it every day, which will also damage it.

Flip your part

Style your hair on the opposite direction of what you usually do it. Your hair actually gets trained to fall a certain way when you part it in the same place for a long time. Shake your hair’s world and flip the script. Apply a teeny bit of hairspray on the root to keep the flip in place and voila: instant volume.

Pancake your braids

Braids are beautiful but if you have thin hair they can look almost sad. Not anymore, with the magic pancaking technique. Once you finish the braid, simply pull each loop on one side. Gently, only a tiny pinch will do. Bam, you have that Elsa braid going.

Prop up your ponytail

With the help of a couple of bobby pins, your ponytails can look instantly thicker and fuller. Tie your hair up and use two bobby pins at the base of the ponytail, inserting them vertically halfway inside the elastic, it will give you an instant bump.

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