How To Wear A Graphic Tee And Still Look Like An Adult

Graphic tees are a great way to showcase your personality. You can find cool logos, witty graphics, funny, thought-provoking and all around awesome prints. They come with one downside, though: they automatically make you look like you are 13 years old. Or so you thought. Here are some genius ways to wear a graphic tee without looking like a child.


Maxi skirts = instant adult. Maxi skirts are usually perceived as more “mature” and “grown up” than jeans or miniskirts, and they are extremely comfortable to boot. Pair your graphic tee with a maxi skirt (if it has a cool print, all the better), heels and maybe some bracelets or a hat to make the outfit look more complete.

Add some structure with a blazer. Blazers are one of those items that add years to your look because they are seen as more formal than other coats. But you don’t have to be going to a job interview to rock a blazer. Combine it with some structured pants, a nice belt and maybe a clutch. And yes, a graphic tee to make the outfit feel more relaxed.

Dress shirts are the exact opposite of graphic tees. And yet, they work extremely well together. Even thought the weather is getting warmer, you can still rock your layering skills for your spring outfits. Find a collared dress shirt and wear it under your graphic tee to give the impression of a complete, balanced look and not a “I threw on the first top I could find” look.

Leather adds edge to your life. And your look. Match your cool graphic tee with a well-fitted leather jacket or even leather pants, if you are feeling bold. Finish your outfit with some statement sunglasses and eye-catching jewelery to tie up your look.

High waisted shorts will balance short tops. And they can work with waist-length tees too, as long as you tuck them in and pair with a nice belt. Accessorize with multiple bracelets or an eye-catching necklace,, and pair up with high-heels or flats.

It’s all about the shoes. Even the most basic T-shirt and jeans combination can look more mature with the right shoes. Sneakers? You are in high-school. Heels or dressy flats? You are a contributing member of society with a job. Easy as that.

Pencil skirts are your friends. Knee-length pencil skirts (or maybe just a little bit above the knee), combined with heels will give you the unmistakeable silhouette of a grown woman. Throw on your favorite graphic tee and tuck in the front, or completely tuck it in if you can add a belt. Finish the look with a blazer or other kind of structured jacket and maybe some fashionable sunglasses or statement earrings.

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