Find The Perfect Eyeliner Style For Your Eye-Shape

Eyeliner is one of those make-up basics that is always going to make you look good, no matter what. Okay, maybe raccoon eyes are questionable and sparkly gold eyeliner will not go over well in that job interview. But for the most part, it’s really hard to do eyeliner wrong. That doesn’t mean you can’t improve your liner game, though. Here are some tricks that will get your eyeliner from “not bad” to “amazing” based on the shape of your eyes.


Small eyes

If you want your eyes to look bigger and wider, start with eyeshadow, not liner. A soft taupe color over the eyelid up to the crease will do the trick. Next, use a black kohl pencil along the upper lashline and smudge it a little bit with your finger, so the line is not as defined. Top it off with brown eye shadow, especially in the outer corners. Use the same black liner and brown shadow for the lower lashline and you are ready to go.



So that the fold on your lower lid doesn’t hide your liner, focus on the upper lid when applying it. Any waterproof black pencil liner will work well, as long as you neatly apply it along the line, from inner corner to outer corner. If you want, you may smudge the outer corners a little bit, with a small brush, to widen your eyes.


Close-set eyes

What you want with this look is to create the illusion that your eyes are wider apart than they really are. Nothing that a little bit of concealer on the inner corners can’t achieve. Illuminating that area will lighten it up and make it look more “open”. Combine this with black liner on the outer third part of your eyes to draw the eye towards the outer corners of your lids. Create a “V” shape with liquid liner to form a thick wing and your eyes will look farther apart than they are.


Asymmetrical eyes

No pair of eyes is perfectly even, but if yours are a little bit more noticeably uneven or you are self-conscious about it, there are ways to make them look like a perfect matching pair. Uneven eyes call for uneven make-up to equal the whole thing out. Your best bet is to use a black kohl eyeliner, applied along the upper lashline, from the inner corner to the outer corner. Leave it pretty undefined and, on the slightly smaller eye, increase the width of the line at the outer corner, to make it appear wider and the same size of the other eye.

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