7 Items Any New York Girl Needs In Her ‘Sex And The City’ Closet

‘Awe! The wonders of being a single gal in New York city.’ claimed Carrie Bradshaw in the popular TV show Sex and the city. Well, single or taken, just being a girl comes with so many pros. We get to go through beauty rituals to beautify our skin. Hair products that can turn a matte, raggedy-ass bunch of locks into silky rays of sunshine hanging from your head. Being a girl is beyond amazing, but being a girl in New York comes with certain benefits. You have to be ready at all times. Ready for your next meeting ,your next internship, and the premise you ‘never know who you might meet.’ Here are 7 items you need to keep in your closet for any glamorous situation in the big city.

 High boots and over-the-knee boots. This is the mother of all items. You might be wearing a badass outfit to give the impression you are equally badass at negotiating or rocking that internship, but the truth is, your outfit might be lost in the city until you pair it up with some amazing boots that work as a signature statement. ‘I can walk in these heels, and be 10 feet taller, so imagine how I’d walk all over the competition. Hire me.’



Lace it up! Lace underwear is an instant confidence boost  you wear under your professional and trendy outfit. This will five you the security to feel sexy, flirtatious and feel like you can take over the world. Plus, you never know if you could end up meeting a hunky sexy version of Mr. Big while out for coffee or lunch break. And that goes to show, you better be ready if you plan on pulling a Samantha.



 Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting…over the best way to get your attention! Girl, you need some leather in your life. Whether you go for real or fake, a biker jacket makes you look empowering and sexy, and you end up getting a lot of attention for good reasons. Girls want your jacket and guys want what’s underneath. Nobody will mess with you at the next partner’s meeting if you show up looking like you ride the new Luis Vuitton bike. Even if it doesn’t exist, people will get the message.



Little black dress. This is the signature item your NY closet needs asap. This little number can be paired up with matte leggings, leather leggings, skinny jeans and stockings. Boots, high-heels and flats go perfect with this little number. You can go from casual date to the opera, to eating a fashionable burger at Mickey D, and then go to lawyer’s buffet you’re working at. A little black dress will be something you can wear now, or when you turn 50. It lasts forever, and so does good taste.


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