Beauty Hacks To Make Styling As Easy As 1, 2, Chic!

Lady Gaga’s worldwide ‘feel-good-about-yourself’ anthem -I was born this way- was one of the biggest hits of all times. Embracing how you were born seems to be were our generation is gearing towards and we cannot help but clap and sort of get teary-eyed. But just because you love yourself and know you’re definitely ALL THAT, does not mean you might not need some extra beauty hacks to make applying makeup and styling your locks easier! Everyone does. So here’s the best tips we’ve been able to get from world renown makeup artists and stylists!

┬áLady in White. Well, not on your clothing, but on your face. Countouring with white instead of just a lighter shade than your skin tone is the best bit of advice we got from a set of MAC’s makeup gurus who explained this to be an old trick that drag queens used to get that ‘well defined airbushed’ look. Apply around the eyes, and cheekbones. A tiny bit on the top of your lips and the inner corner of your eyes.



Be a Tease! At least when it comes to hair extensions. Before you put on those clip-in hair extensions, make sure to either braid a small tiny braid that starts at the root, or simply tease the area where you will attach your clips. Then cover it up with the hair on top and voila!




Nailing the ‘cat-eyed’ or ‘winged’ eyeliner look is not easy. But Charlotte Tilbury, an amazing makeup artist you must have seen on Youtube, suggests we draw 3 tiny dots to lead our pulse, and basically play the old game ‘connect the dots’ until we’ve drawn a perfect cat eyed winged look. It also takes practice.





Avoid your mascaras to dry up. With this amazing trick I learned from Gossmakeupartist, (you can also find this makeup genius on Youtube.) Don’t remove the cap and put it back on two to three times to take more product with your mascara brush! You’re only getting air into the tube, which dries it up before it should. The brush will already come out with product.


full eyebrow
Avoid damp, flat, nasty hair. If you’re naturally oily, then this trick is perfect for you. When excess oil is found at the root, your hair will fall flat on your head making you distressed and feel like you might need to wash it to ‘revamp’ the way it looks. But if you’re running late, you should try any dry-shampoo. Although Aveda’s our favorite. Apply dry-shampoo at the roots and your hair will look like it has just been washed.


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