Go Bare: Choosing a Hair Removal Method

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It’s almost that time of year again ladies! Time to slip into a sundress and bare those stems! Make sure your legs are silky-smooth, so you have the confidence to rock the look. Not sure what method will get you the best results? Check out our list, to see what option is tailored for you.


Pros: Every girl should keep a good razor on hand! Shaving is quick and painless (as long as you are careful to avoid nicks and cuts).

Cons: When you shave, the process cuts hair off at the surface of your skin. This means your hair grows back quickly, leaving you with dreaded un-touchable stubble.

Works Best For: Shaving works best for women who have fine hair, that doesn’t grow quickly.


Pros: The process of waxing pulls hair out from the root, leaving you with extra smooth skin that can last for weeks to a month.

Cons: The torture! Okay, we are exaggerating a little bit, but waxing does hurt. Some people’s skin may react by breaking out.

Works Best For: Waxing is a great option for all types of women. That being said, you may want to do a test run on a small area before opting for a full wax, to get an idea of what it feels like, and see how your skin responds.


Pros: Depilatory creams work by dissolving hair from below the surface. While it doesn’t get to the root like waxing, it does get you a smoother result than shaving.

Cons: The smell is nauseating. You must be extremely careful with the amount of time you keep the product on your skin, as it can lead to inflammation and chemical burns.

Works Best For: People will fine hair will have the best results with depilatories.

Laser Hair Removal

Pros: Freedom! After a few treatments, you will begin to see lasting results. You will still have to shave, but will be able to go much longer between dates with your razor.

Cons: Laser Hair Removal is not permanent. Once you have reached the desired results, you can expect to have to go back every once in a while to maintain your hair-free look.

Works Best For: Laser Hair Removal works best for women with pale skin and dark hair.


Pros: Electrolysis is the only method of hair removal considered to provide permanent results.

Cons: Electrolysis is a time-consuming process that hurts! It feels like a needle poking into your skin, delivering a tiny electric volt – which is essentially what it is.

Works Best For: Anyone can benefit from electrolysis. It is recommended for the treatment of small areas.

~Patrice M. 

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