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Winter might be upon us but Spring 2014 is right around the corner! Bundled up in layers and winter jackets and dreaming about warm weather and spring sundresses? We’re here to show you some of the hottest trends for Spring 2014. You can start dreaming of warmer weather and start shopping for these fashion must haves.  Start packing up your winter clothes and start breaking out your fringe boots, colorful pastel sundresses and more!

Pastels. We’re not talking about Miami Vice pastel suits when we talk about pastels. You can wear pastels on your fingers with a cute nail polish or as your favorite hair accessory to your favorite clutch. Don’t be afraid of venturing outside the box and wearing pastel colored pants, blouses or coats either. You can pair your favorite color pastel shirt (I’m a fan of mint green) with cute jeans. The sky’s the limit or should we say rainbow?

Sweaters. In addition to the ever popular crop top (will they ever go out of style?) light knit sweaters are not going anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s loud prints or bold and pastel colors, they are easy to build into your spring wardrobe.  

“Tuxedo-Meets-Althetic-Striped Trousers”It might sound a little strange but according to Glamour they will be all the rage this spring. Glamour says “the athletic stripe smartens up with tuxedo detailing on these sporty-meets-sophisticated tailored trousers. It’s really all in the styling. To keep the look modern but refined, opt for a streamlined silhouette in unexpected white (black is so traditional) and pair the pants with a casual non-button-down top”. We think this is one of the most fun spring fashion trends.

Coats, collarless coats that is. While the bright blue sky and the newly blooming flowers may trick you into thinking it’s summer outside, the weather can still be a more than brisk. Layer on the collarless coat. You can wear them in whatever color or print you like, sometimes the louder the better. 

Fringe, everything. Sometimes fringe can borderline on the tacky side if overdone but this spring, all bets are off! Fringing can be seen on almost anything in spring, from evening dresses, to crop tops, to purses, to necklaces. Fringe is in and isn’t going to be going anywhere. If you want to start out small or aren’t into too much fringe, collect small pieces, like a purse or a clutch. 

While these might be the “trendiest” Spring fashion trends, there’s always a little leeway in the fashion world. You can mix and match these looks to make these trends uniquely yours.


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